Friday, July 3, 2009

ROCKETS REDGLARE by Andrei Molotiu

Rockets Redglare is the alter ego of Veronica ("Ronnie") Rowley, the heiress to the Rowley Fireworks fortune. Having studied jet propulsion and astrophysics at M.I.T., she quit a promising career at NASA to take over the family business when her father's health problems forced him to retire (he remains her closest advisor and the only one to know her secret identity). Working after hours in her company's labs, Ronnie perfected her trademark Propell-O-Boots.

A highly successful businesswoman, Ronnie has unfortunately not been so lucky in her personal relationships. One day, frustrated over her then-boyfriend's immaturity and fear of commitment, she distractedly allowed herself to fly high above the earth's atmosphere, where she was bombarded with All-Purpose Metamorphic Cosmic Rays. This is how she developed her super-power. Whenever enemies threaten America, she gets very pissy and gives them dirty looks, which manifest themselves as deadly beams shooting from her eyes. Her power only falters when her adversaries turn out to be reasonable, responsible adults; but, since most of them are men, this rarely ever happens.

Andrei has a blog and a beautiful brand-new book out.

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