Tuesday, June 30, 2009

REDNECK-DUDE-MAN by Amanda Geisinger

After a quick change in the outhouse, mild mannered Bubba becomes our mulleted hero, Redneck-Dude-Man—ready to fight for everyone’s god-given right to have Christmas lights on their porch in June, an armory in their basement, and a refrigerator on their front lawn.

Amanda Geisinger has a nifty website.

Monday, June 29, 2009

THE 50 STARS OF JUSTICE by Peter Duffy (with final art by some old guy)

Each of the 50 stars on the costume of this freedom-loving champion represents a different state--and a different superpower related to that state! All the FSOJ need do to activate a state-based ability is push the appropriate star. Depressing New Jersey's five-pointed symbol, for example, allows him to shoot noxious fumes out of his gauntlets. Pushing the Hawaii star gives him control over lava. Pushing New York gives him translation abilities (because of the state's large percentage of immigrants.) The star of Texas gives him rocket boots (for NASA's Houston HQ). And so on.

In addition, rotating the star for a state enables a completely different, second state power. Thus, while pressing Alaska's star bestows the ability to shoot snow, turning that star allows the FSOJ to see Russia from his house.

ADAM BOMB by Mark Martin

Go to markmartin.net!


General Patriot is somewhat similar to Captain America, only instead of being eternally young, he has gotten quite old over the years. Now he's the leader of all superheroes in Eclectic Comics, even though he's gotten quite senile.

Check it out: Eclectic Comics and General Patriot are "real"! (Not invented for the J4 project.)

Saturday, June 27, 2009


The frail and elderly Senator Strom Thurmond once took to the skies above Capitol Hill as Strong Thurmond, defender of the Southern delegation! Tourists would cry, "What's that up in the sky? A turd? A stain?" just before he smacked head-on into the Washington Monument. Strong Thurmond often joined forces with The Filibuster, known for his uncanny ability to speak at great length. When armed with a phonebook, no legislation could stand in their way (including the Civil Rights Act of 1957—ouch!). They hold the record for a full 24 hours and 18 minutes!

Bob Flynn's website is great!


Young Nathan R. Armstrong has invented a teleportation device, which 
he plans to demonstrate at his school's Science Fair. Unfortunately,
 as he enters the teleporter, a bear enters the school (it's a long
story) and sneaks into the device. The two emerge from the teleporter 
seemingly unharmed, but with a bizarre mix-up: N.R. Armstrong now has 
the arms of a bear, and the bear is left with puny 10-year-old human 

Frustrated by his disfigurement (and the fact that he didn't win the 
Science Fair), Nathan turns to a life of crime under the name The 
Second Amendment. His side-kick, the bear he has named Winnie the 
Goon, can't really do much with his little arms, but he sure looks 

Check out Jef's site.

Friday, June 26, 2009


When America needs a super-powerful weapon to crush its most hated enemies, the President of the United States calls upon our greatest scientists to crack open the inter-dimensional doorway that releases the terrifying uber-entity known as 'Code Name- Thousand Points of Light.' But will this undefeatable being of light and darkness destroy everything in its path- including us?!?

More by Bill Alger

CAPTAIN 48 by Chris Duffy

The captain has a pre-1959 US map on his chest. His dialog is riddled with the names of states. ("Be with you in a New York minute, 5th columnist!" or "Well, aren't you a Georgia peach, Adolf!")

Full disclosure: Captain 48 was created 2 years ago as a Livejournal doodle.

Chris Duffy's comics.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Send me your Ameri-heroes!

Captain America, Liberty Belle...Commando Yank? Yes, patriotic superheroes have inspired some silly characters...and yet how I love them. All at once, they go right to the heart of what's fun and what's...problematic about the so-called Golden Age of comic books.

This blog is for YOUR democracy-loving, 5th column bashing champions of justice. I exhort you in the name of Old Glory to wrack your brain in search of a superhero (or villain) who stands for SOMETHING uniquely American, draw said champion, and send it my way with a description. (See "contact" to the right.)


Because July 4th approaches and I think it's a fun idea.

That's all I have to say, except this: Please interpret freely. You can be sarcastic, political, pro-America, anti-America, whimsical, or nerdy (my favorite)!